Learn the exact method I've used with women all over the world To Enhance Their physique and transform their lives to achieve the highest version of Themselves!
The reason why you haven’t achieved what you really want in life is because you haven't implemented the right systems!

How many times have you tried to lose a little weight? Stay consistent? Eat healthier? But always end up failing or making some weak ass excuses?

We’ve all been there! Everyone has experienced trying to achieve something and falling flat. 

 When I was in school I never had the proper structure to execute a simple plan, I was always running around chasing the day and every stupid thing on my list that always seemed to slip away!

If only I had a mentor or a group of like-minded individuals that would help me stay accountable and show me the exact system I could use to create my day and help me execute my priorities. 

After years of researching and studying from high performance coaches and mentors, I discovered the exact principles that lead to long term transformation.  

I finally created a proven and highly effective system to help you transition from passively surviving to actively thriving!  

You will learn a simple yet powerful system that you can immediately implement into your daily life to help you perform and create your day versus struggling to keep up with it. 

How much more time are you going to waste?

You’ve spent more than enough time trying to figure out what to do... 

You've tried everything - from downloading workouts programs and diet plans that promised to get you results only to fall victim to create pathetic excuse why you didn’t follow through...

This is your opportunity to transform.  
I'll show you step by step how to create a simple yet empowering SYSTEM to help you create long lasting change in your life.  Or...You can read this and just write it off like other important things in your life, or you can continue reading and learn how this system can change your life and finally put you in the drivers seat in your life. 

 The choice is yours...


This isn’t your typical “get fit” training course. This takes it beyond anything you’ve ever seen when it comes to mental & physical excellence. 

We’ll show you the exact method we’ve used with hundreds of personal clients to implement powerful systems and recreate your life and transform into the highest version of yourself.

This unique, yet sophisticated system that unifies Mind, Body & Spirit was specifically designed to help simplify that process by utilizing ancient principles in a modern day application. 

This methodology combines martial arts fitness, neuroscience, breathing meditation and cutting edge nutrition to challenge people of all fitness levels – from beginners looking to establish a solid training foundation, to the advanced trainee looking to forge a fit & powerful physique.

If you have a fluctuating schedule and are constantly on the go, committing to a specific time throughout the week can be difficult to stay consistent. 

With a little effort and focus, my online coaching program will teach you to build a solid system and create a strong foundation that goes far beyond just fitness.

Our online coaching is accessible for you 24/7, ready to adapt to your constantly changing schedule; giving you the ability to choose when and where ever you want to train.  

Get started today and you'll receive immediate access to creating your personalized blueprint - your own customized Daily Practice Routine to sustain a healthy lifestyle you need in order to achieve the life & body you deserve.


Unify your Mind, Body & Spirit utilizing our unique 9 Step method that includes Body Weight Training, a comprehensive Nutrition Plan, Neurokinetics, Chi Gung Breathing and Martial Arts Fitness to establish a solid foundation towards achieving unapologetic confidence & strength.
•  Digital Course accessible 24/7
•  A Progressive Training Program
•  Follow-Along Training Videos
•  A comprehensive Nutrition Guide
•  9-Step Blueprint for Self Mastery
•  (7) Pre-Training Keynotes
•  Online Group Coaching via Zoom
•  A 28 Day Performance Journal
•  Email & Private FB Group Support
What's included:
 Access your Training Program on your smartphone, laptop or tablet.  You'll be taken through a step by step process on the exact method that busy professionals like yourself have used to achieve long lasting transformation.
Included is our Somareti Nutrition Guide.  It a comprehensive plan that will show you the exact foods to eat and when to eat them.  You'll go through a detox, fat burn and muscle building meal plan to properly fuel your body.
A specifically designed & customized daily action plan that addresses each person’s mental and physical obstacles as well as their personal goals & needs.  You'll use this to create your Daily Practice Routine and learn to focus on what matters most.
In addition to having access to daily workouts - there are TWO - 60 minute live weekly support calls & webinars on ZOOM video chat!  Now you can directly connect with your coaches in an interactive platform to help answer your questions and expand on each unique step of this unique system.
Our all-encompassing program delivers a unique approach to performance training.  In conjunction with your daily breakdown, you'll receive monthly follow-along video training that you can easily do anywhere - including the comfort of your own home.
Join our private Facebook Group and interact with other UNIFY practitioners in our Members Only Community!  Here you'll be able to share tips, info and progress updates to help members support each other along their health & fitness journey.
•  The Complete 12 Week UNIFY Training Program ($3,000 Value)

Twice a Week Live Group Coaching Sessions On ZOOM w/ Laura ($2,000 Value)

(7) Pre-Training Modules that breakdown each step of the exact blueprint that has been used with countless clients to create their customized Daily Practice Routine ($400 Value).

MODULE 1: Create Your Warrior Ethos
MODULE 2: Intentions
MODULE 3: Daily Practice Routine
MODULE 4: Chi Gung Circulations
MODULE 5: Visualizations
MODULE 6: Morning & Night Ritual
MODULE 7: Nutrition & Training Principles

Nutrition Plan ($100 Value)

Somareti Performance Journal ($100 Value)

Total Value = ($5,600)
Exclusive Membership Only $97 Monthly
     ¬>  Build mental strength & confidence while decreasing stress & anxiety
     ¬>  Enhance your physique – build strength & power and athletic definition
     ¬>  Learn how to organize and create your customized Daily Practice Routine
     ¬>  Take your personal performance to the next level and achieve your goals
     ¬>  Stay accountable and interact in a group community to stay consistent
     ¬>  Create Long term sustainability vs. short term quick fixes in your life
     ¬>  Train anywhere, anytime – even in the comfort of your own home

Warrior Woman Mentorship Consists of is a community of strong women who value building power in all aspects of their lives!  Here you'll join our UNIFY Facebook Group - a membership community of women ready to support each other on their journey and get access to Laura for live coaching sessions, video education, exercise demos and answers to all your health & fitness questions!
Stop having to waste hours in the gym, and learn how to transform your physique in the comfort of your own home using your own bodyweight or a few free-weights to enhance your physique!
You will learn how to properly fuel the body to detox, burn stubborn fat and maximize your muscle building potential. Nourishing your body with essential nutrients and minerals is the key to long term health & wellness.
Our subconscious minds are the key to unlocking our mental and emotional strength. When one has processed their emotions, they are able to finally connect with their inner power & purpose.
Learn to focus on what's important by taking purposeful action towards executing your daily goals. I'll show you how to focus your mind to achieve mental strength & empowerment.
I'll share and discuss my personal self-care tips on how to look and feel your personal best by living a holistic lifestyle.  Adopting a holistic lifestyle doesn’t require drastic or dramatic changes; it’s more about adopting simple habits that have a positive impact on your life.
Having a supportive community with women exactly like you – who are looking to improve their health, eating habits, physique and mental & emotional power - will keep you motivated, push you to stay consistent, and encourage you to achieve your health & fitness goals.
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